How to {successfuly} shop at Tjmaxx

IMG_9423Are you a maxxinista??  I enjoy the experience of shopping at Tjmaxx. In fact Mr. B and I went to the movies Saturday night and we had about 30 minutes to kill and he automatically pulled in the the parking lot at Tjmaxx without me saying a word. He’s the best!

One thing that I have always heard people say about shopping there is “I never find anything” or “I hate digging for things”, well hello the reason most people go to Tjmaxx is to find great deals on designer pieces and its not always gonna just pop out at you.

I am going to share my thoughts and what I do when I go shopping at Tjmaxx.

1. Handbags: This is the first place that I start since its located right next to the door at my local store. It depends on the season but normally I know what color purse I am needing and they are arranged in colors. A couple of my favorite brands that I have seen is Kate Spade and Michael Kors.

2. Jewelry: Always, Always, Always just take a peek inside the jewelry counter. I really like to look at the watches I just bought a Michael Kors with a pink face recently for $89.99. They also have good statement necklaces and stud earrings.

3. Shoes: I really like to check out the flip flops for the summer. I just bought a pair of mint jelly sandals with diamond straps for $12.99. They will be perfect for the lake.

4. Home: There is always a great selection of stationary so I always run through there to check it out. Also look for beach towels every year I buy a couple new ones and they are the best.

5. Clothes: Honestly, If your up for looking then look for clothes but if that’s not your style then that’s fine. Sometimes I am in a hurry or not in the mood to look.

6. Checkout: I always look at the phone cases. I have found Kate Spade and Lilly Pulitzer before I actually have a pink stripped Kate Spade on mine now. They have really cute wrapping paper and gift supplies also.

I would love to hear your awesome deals in the comment section below!!

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  1. Rachael Says:

    I love this post! TJMaxx is definitely a favorite store for everything, not just clothes! I also hit the handbag area, then jewelry, then shoes, then home, and lastly clothes too! I’m a crazy OCD methodical shopper if ever there was one! Glad to hear I’m not the only one!