Rocksbox Review

I’m so excited to share with you my first Rocksbox! I received my box at the beginning of the week but with the semester coming to an end I’m sure you will understand how busy a working college student can get. If you would like to know how Rocksbox works please see my previous blog {RocksBox It Girl}


The Rocksbox package comes with the box pictured below and inside the box is where the jewelry pieces are. The package is able to be resealed for when you decided to send your Rocksbox pieces back to receive three new ones.


 When you first open your Rocksbox there is a personalized note from your stylist!


The note holds a sweet message from the stylist and information about the pieces that your Rocksbox hold.


 The jewelry pieces come bubble wrapped and in these little back bags for protection.


 My first piece is this gorgeous Perry Street Whitney statement necklace the picture does not do it justice. The retail value for this piece is $75 but for Rocksbox members its $60.


 These little beauty’s just might be my favorite from this Rocksbox. They are by the designer Margaret Elizabeth and retail at $110 for Rocksbox members $94.


And finally my last piece is a Slate crystal chain cuff retail value $63 Rocksbox member cost $50.



Rocksbox is only $19 but with my It Girl code “kortneylanexoxo” you can get your first month FREE!

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  1. Peggy Says:

    Love it!!