Birthday Gifts Girl {one year old}


I always turn to Pinterest when it comes to buying gifts for birthdays; I try to find an age appropriate but really cool toy. Since we just celebrated Teagan’s first birthday in May, I’m going to share some gift ideas for a one year old girl.

I honestly wanted to get Teagan a play kitchen for her birthday, but we’re going to save that for Christmas, because of course I want the expensive one from Pottery Barn with the farmhouse sink! But… it matches her room and I think she will play with it for years to come!

Ball Pit

I’ve had so many people ask me where we got this. I actually saw it on one of the mommy bloggers I follow and I knew that’s what we had to get her. It stays in her room and matches perfectly.




Cozy Coupe Princess Edition

Teagan’s Aunt Donna bought this for her. She really likes playing outside with this. I do think she’s probably still a little young for it, but it’s something she will grow into!



Wooden Name Puzzle from Etsy

This is one of my favorite things she got for Christmas last year. She loves to pull all the letters out. It’s really cute in her room and will be educational once she starts to learn colors and letters.




Bath Toy

We received this from some of our friends who have a little girl about a year older than Teagan, so they knew she would love it…and she does! She likes bath time anyway, but to have a spout that runs the whole time is awesome.




Baby Stella

I would’ve never imagined that Teagan would like baby dolls so early, but she does. I can tell her to go get her baby and she does it every time. She also will pat the baby like she’s burping her and its the sweetest thing!





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