Beauty Friday: Let’s talk… {skin}


Purity Facial Cleanser 

I am so excited to start a new series that I am promising {now} to keep updating. It’s hard when life gets busy to make myself sit down and blog. I have so many good ideas that I want to blog about but I need to make those ideas come true. I have decided to dedicate every Friday to beauty. In this series I am going to be sharing products that I have used and are comfortable sharing with my readers, plus any tips and tricks along the way!

Let’s jump in! I am starting with this skin care product because without a good skin care routine its going to be hard to achieve the full potential of your skin. I have been using this Purity one step facial cleanser for over a year now and I have no complaints. It’s tough enough to take my makeup off at night but still gentle on my sensitive skin. I use this every morning & every night before I go to sleep.

Any one else love this as much as I do?? Please feel free to leave comments on any products that you use!

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